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Rental Chillers & Air Conditioning

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RDI has a complete fleet of rental chillers and cooling towers available 24 hours a day to the Greater Houston Area. With expert technicians and highly trained staff, RDI is your premier HVAC rental source no matter the size or situation.

How to rent:

It's much easier than you might think as RDI has a vast inventory of rental equipment specifically designed to make emergency connections fast and easy. Complete cooling packages can be taken care of in no time with flexible ducts, ready-made power cords, and even generators stocked to complete the package. It is our goal to have your building cooled within hours of arriving on the job and we pride ourselves on accomplishing this goal. Building owners rent air conditioning equipment for both planned shut-downs and emergency cooling when existing equipment fails.

Sizes and Types available:

RDI's fleet is composed of cooling equipment from 10 to 1,000 tons in single packages, packaged units from 10 to 75 tons and portable roll around units from 1 to 10 tons. RDI is your premier HVAC rental source in the Greater Houston Area!

We look forward to continued HVAC service in the Greater Houston Area as we continue to provide unmatched service and expertise to our great clients.

Rental Generators

RDI's fleet of rental power generators are ready to roll on a moment's notice. The fleet is composed of power generating equipment ranging from 15 to 2000 kW. Providing temporary electrical power throughout the Greater Houston Area, RDI is your premier source for reliable service in a moment's notice.

You need power... We have it!

At RDI we specialize in making temporary hook-ups quickly and precisely. RDI supplied distribution panels, cables, and ready-made power cords, allow for ease of installation as well as unmatched safety. Some units are permanently mounted on flatbed trailers and can be delivered to most locations in the Greater Houston Area within a few hours. Once on the job, it is possible to have the units installed and generating power within hours. Building owners can rent power generating equipment for both planned shut-downs and emergency power needs when existing equipment fails.

Examples of what we power:

  • Large office buildings
  • Tents used for special events such as trade shows, meetings, and carnivals
  • Emergency power for natural or man-made disasters

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