boilers and chillers heating and ventilation

As Houston's trusted source for diagnosis and repair of any air conditioning or refrigerating problems for over 25 Year, RDI brings confident-repairing abilities with the following trusted credentials:

Highly Advanced Tools

  • Special leak detection tools mean faster and less disruptive repair.
  • Infrared imaging identifies potentially dangerous situations in electrical circuitry.
  • Vibration analysis reduces your equipment downtime and extends life.

Energy Certification

  • Staff of Certified Energy Managers will analyze to ensure responsible solutions.

Comprehensive Service

  • Experts in boilers, chillers, air handling and pumping systems, and water treatment ensure all needs are met to RDI standard.
  • RDI guarantees performance standards unlike any other company to reduce risk and ensure quality.
  • Regulated inspection, and 24-hour emergency service for all systems extend the life of your system.
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