RDI Energy Panels

RDI Energy Panels

What is an RDI Energy Panel?

An RDI Energy Panel is a microprocessor-based control that uses modern electronics to correct Power Factors and reduce energy bills. The microprocessor-based control is stored in an attractive state of the art enclosure that is connected to the breaker panel.

How does it work?

RDI Energy Panels provide reactive energy needed when an induction occurs in a system. The RDI Energy Panel provides the reactive energy for an induction that would have otherwise come from the power grid. This provided reactive energy eliminates a spike in the electrical service which would have moved the power factor out of harmony and increased the electric bill.

Why do I need an RDI Energy Panel?

Any electric device calls for reactive energy from an outside electric source to start (AC, Freezer, conveyor motor, pump, drill, welder, computer bank, lighting, etc.). The power company does not know how much reactive energy is needed so it sends all it has. The result is a surge on the meter, the electric bill, on the device being started and a wave of excess electricity in the form of a surge throughout the facility. When the surge returns to the electrical box, the excess electricity escapes out the ground wire and is wasted.

RDI Energy Panels are designed to recognize the need for reactive energy demand via the copyrighted software inside. Instantly, the RDI Energy Panel will provide the needed reactive power to start these devices without creating a costly electric company surge.

How can I implement the RDI Energy Panel in my building?

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