About Us

Servicing the greater Houston area for over 25 years, RDI is your trusted partner for any of your HVAC needs. With over 100 years of combined experience, the expert staff at RDI Mechanical brings years of quality work along with genuine professional service.

Three Major Fields

RDI Mechanical is a full service HVAC contractor that offers three general types of service:

  • Preventative Maintenance: RDI offers monthly, quarterly, or yearly inspections to Greater Houston and Texas properties and will recommend repairs to ensure reliability and increase ROI.
  • Full Maintenance: Our professionals offer Greater Houston and Texas businesses eleven routine operational inspections and one routine stop inspection to recommend repairs.
  • Filter Services: The HVAC specialists at RDI offer filter-changing services to maximize efficiency and the life of your equipment. This service is offered bi-weekly or bi-monthly. Our HVAC services are all performed and supervised by trained professionals.

License and Insurance

The RDI team of service professionals are licensed by the State of Texas with TACLA license number 016771C and TECLA 27322. Additionally, RDI is insured in excess of two million dollars.

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